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3D Printed Succulent Planter and Dish

Thumbnail of a 3D printed planter

Written by patrick

Featured in Make Stuff

A 3D printed Skull available for download on Thingiverse plus a matching tray designed by me in Shapr3D.
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Working in 3D printing, I was super lucky to be able to use the beautiful medical-grade resin printers once a month for fun prints, so one day I grabbed this skull from Thingiverse and popped it into a build. We’re no longer allowed to do fun prints anymore but I’ve recently picked a Prusa Mini printer for my home, so I was able to print a pot plant tray to match my succulent holder.

I did the design work in Shapr3D, which is a super fun ipad app that I’ve been playing with lately. In fact, this was my first design on it. It’s that easy!

Some paint and primer followed by a matching brushed gold spray paint and the tray looked perfect.

I’m making it sound seamless but I had a printer issue AND the nozzle for my spray paint fell off…

soooo if you’d like to watch the process with all the bloopers, then you can check that out on YouTube.

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