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DIY Menorah

DIY Menorah

Written by patrick

Featured in Make Stuff

Two methods for creating your own Menorah. The first one is 3D printed and you can use the free stl provided. The second one is modeled with polymer clay.
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Being stuck at home, I decided to celebrate Chanukah for once, but I didn’t have a menorah, so I chose to make my own! The first of my ideas was 3D printed but that didn’t go so well, so I made another one out of colorful polymer clay! I thought that I’d share the process of making both of these.

For the first step, I modeled a menorah in shapr3d, an ipad 3D modeling app. This software is super fun and intuitive to use so, if you have the opportunity, I’d highly recommend it! Unfortunately it is also expensive unless you can get an educational version. My mistake was making the candles too close together, so they burned each other when I lit them. I did this in order to print the model in one piece on my printer instead of two pieces and glueing it together since I didn’t have time. I’ve fixed this mistake and you can download the corrected STL file for free here. (LINK COMING SOON).

The candles that fit this menorah are these little ones.

I had to make a new Chanukkiah really quickly, so I grabbed a polymer clay kit that I’d had lying around for a little while. You can snag the kit here.

I picked a pretty rainbow of colors, warmed up each piece and rolled it into a ball, pressed each ball together and merged it all into a colorful sausage. Then I raised one end to make the main shamash candle. I wiggled holes in with the candles and decorated them with the tools that came with my kit.

You can watch the DIY video here.

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