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Why were cornflakes invented?

Written by patrick

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One day I typed "Why..." into google and "Why were cornflakes invented?" popped up. My interest was piqued so I HAD to find out!
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Ever wondered why cornflakes were invented? I decided to answer this question with a little YouTube Trivia and Art! Join me as I paint some rocks and tell you all about the odd, interesting, and occasionally awful origins of Cornflakes. I’ve tried to be as well researched as possible and I’ve included all my resources below but, if anything should be incorrect, please do let me know in the comments. This information is provided for entertainment purposes though my hope is to be educational too. I know I learnt a lot making this! Hope you enjoyed it!

Here are the pens I used. They seem nice enough for this sort of thing.

❤ Liv

References: (This article appears heavily biased and judgemental)

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